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St. Anthony Catholic 

St. Anthony Catholic


St. Anthony’s School Endowment Fund was officially started in July of 1989.  A group of parishioners held a meeting earlier that year and came up with the idea of an endowment fund.  From that meeting 12 men went out and gathered funds of $22,618 to make the initial contribution to the Endowment Fund.


On July 5, 1989, the St. Anthony’s Catholic School Endowment Fund, Inc.  was organized for charitable and educational purposes specifically to accumulate, establish and maintain an independent and perpetual fund.  The income and earnings for which shall be used to support, aid, assist and uphold the educational work of St. Anthony’s School in Hereford, Texas.


There are twelve board of directors.  The original twelve being Ralph Detten, Robert L. Baker, Larry Alley, Tom Betzen, Mike Betzen, Raymond Schlabs, W.J. Albracht, Jim Pavlicek, Nick Yosten, Boyd Foster, Joe Artho,  Ron Weishaar and Monsignor Orville Blum as pastor.


To date contributions to the Endowment Fund total $641,000 that has been invested and have earned over $371,500 since the beginning in 1989.  That      $371, 500 has been given to the St. Anthony’s School on a yearly basis over the last 26 year for operating expenses.


Donations can be made for all occasions.   The majority of the donations has been for memorials, but has also been to honor anniversaries, birthdays or just to appreciate someone.  A name plate will be placed on the Endowment Fund wall in the school for donations of $1,000 or more.  Donations are accepted at St. Anthony’s Parish Office  at 114 Sunset Drive or can be mailed to St. Anthony’s School Endowment Fund P.O. Box 465, Hereford, Tx  79045.


Current board of directors are Roger Albracht, Tom Betzen, Raymond Schlabs, Fritz Backus, Barbara Franks, Nancy Paetzold, Dennis Artho, Kevin Knight, Glynn Yosten, Clint Savoini, Gerald Marnell and Mike Schouten.