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St. Anthony Catholic 

St. Anthony Catholic


Our Technology

At St. Anthony School we believe that simply being able to use technology is no longer enough. Today's students need to be able to use technology to analyze, learn and explore. Digital age skills are vital for preparing students to work, live and contribute to the social and civic fabric of their communities. In addition we emphisize that all we do including the use of technology should reflect the "Greater Glory of God."

The ISTE ( International Society for Technology) in EducationStandards are the standards for learning, teaching and leading in the digital age and are widely recognized and adopted by educators worldwide.

iPad's are used in all classrooms to reinforce academics.

Students K-5 through 6th grade recieve instruction in the computer lab for one hour per week.

Students are introduced to basic coding.

Different types of digital media are introduced to the students. They esspeially enjoy experimenting with the greenscreen.

Sample of 6th Grade End of Year Greenscreen Project.